Today I have something to share that has been swirling in the brain for a few weeks now.  Let's start from the beginning.  In November, I opened up my Etsy store.  Believe me, I was pretty nervous.  What if I fail? What if no one bought anything? Will our office always look like a tornado blew through it because I have craft supplies everywhere?  What if it is successful and the post office people actually know me by name?  I had a lot of questions.  You know the most important one!  It was this one: Why am I opening an Etsy store?  There were a lot of floating answers--to make a little extra, to have an excuse to thrift, to give me something to do, to paint...etc.  I realized that these were all important reasons, but I knew that they would not motivate me to continue.  If I allowed all of MY reasons to dominate, then I would probably fail.  I asked the Lord to show me how to use this little business for His purposes, because really, mine are quite futile!  I had to give up the control to have this store be all about me and what I saw as important.  To be honest, giving up control was (and is) quite hard for me!

Now, here's where the story takes a turn!  A few weeks ago, I was asked to be part of an adoption auction over at Expecting a Blessing (hi Angela!).  That little auction sent me into the world of adoption blogs and I knew that I wanted to support the adopting community more actively.  As I thought and prayed about it, I decided that I would give 25% of my monthly sales from Dulcitas to a different adopting family each month.  I know that it may not amount to much, but I am so excited to see what doors this may open and how God will use it.  Just looking back to the past few months, it's been amazing to see all the "little sweet things" He has accomplished with the store already.  Although I may be tempted to take credit, it really is all His doing.  Believe me, every time I make a plan, He shows me a better one!  Such is the case with Dulcitas :)

Come on over on Wednesday for the introduction of March's family of the month!


  1. Hi Nicole! It has been so SO long, but looks like you are doing well! I've been a silent (well at least I don't think I've commented, but I have a bad memory) reader of your blog for sometime. But I absolutely LOVE this post. I too have had a heart for adoption forever, but haven't known an outlet. This post of yours has inspired me and given me a lot to think about! I just started an etsy shop myself, and if it takes off I may have to follow your lead! Love your stuff, you are so creative!

    Christine (Kasperson) Skaff


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