I See Two, Can I see Three? Three, Three, I Gotta Five from the Lady in the Back

If you can't tell from my strange title, I'm going to have a chat with you guys about an auction today.  I've never been a part of an auction so I'm excited to tell you about it!

I was approached (well, contacted by) a sweet woman named Angela.  She asked if I would be willing to donate an item for an auction that she and her husband were going to have to help raise money for an adoption.  I was very excited to do so!  Not only are Josh and I interested in adopting ourselves someday, but it was an answer to one of my own prayers.  I truly desire Dulcitas to be used as a blessing that extends out to others.  For me, it has been amazing to see how God already has used little ways to answer this prayer.  As hard as it is for me to relinquish control of certain aspects of my life (like a little business), I realize that God gave me the gifts and passion I have and I can trust Him with these things.

So!  The auction is happening over at Expecting a Blessing from February 12-18th.  Go check it out and bid if you'd like.  They seem like a super duper couple and they have such a passion and heart for orphans!

Here's what is hanging out at the auction this week:


  1. Oh my goodness, LOVE IT!!! How neat. THANK YOU!!! It's going to be a fun week :-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama


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