February Fit and Fabulous

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Christmas is long gone.  Unfortunately, my eating habits from Christmas aren’t!  Exercise?  Somebody hand me a dictionary--what does that mean again? 
Although January is the month that is traditionally saved for diets, buying cheap gym memberships, and heath food kicks, I’ve set aside my February as a time to get back into some healthy habits.  
Is this a diet? No.  Will I eat pizza?  Yes. 
There are a few reasons that I’ve chosen February.  
  1. I’m finally back into the swing of things!  For me, a schedule is super important for consistency and actually doing things!
  2. I like to be healthy and I know that I need to be intentional about it.  I can’t will my body to be in shape or for my chocolate bar to melt into an apple in my mouth.  Guess what!  Accountability helps!
  3. I bought skinny jeans and February may very well be the last month I can wear pants and boots in Texas!
Like most women, I have my “fat” days.  I have the days that my jeans are just a little too tight, or I made the mistake of going shopping and trying on a swimming suit.  I think that’s pretty normal!
But!  This month I want to be intentional about not only re-establishing healthy eating and exercise habits, but having a healthy perspective about my body.  I’m NOT going to complain about every pudge, roll, or dimple.  I AM going to thank God everyday for the body He has given me and thank Him for creating me just as I am.  I think that having a healthy mental perspective about my body is just as important as having a physically fit and healthy body.  
This month, I hope to share with you a few ways that I’m getting back into gear, hand over some of my favorite healthy recipes, and also walk you through re-doing my kitchen table.  Random, maybe.  Yet, I figure that if my table looks better, maybe I’ll want to eat healthier food on it!  Really (here's the secret), I just want to refinish the table! 

Since Linky Tools now costs money (bummer), I'd like to feature reader projects over the course of the month instead of the link party at the end of the month. If you have any yummy (and healthy) recipes, kitchen makeovers, table makeovers, or another project that you think would relate to the theme, I'd love an e-mail about it.  Just click on my "Contact me" page and zip me an e-mail.  I'd also like to continue doing giveaways, so send me an e-mail if you'd be interested in hosting one!

Uffda.  That was a lot of words!

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