Coaster Castoff--Giveaway Time

To honor the last week of February, I thought I'd toss out a coaster set (any one that is currently listed DULCITAS) for the February giveaway.

Here are some current choices:

Here's how to get your name in the hat--you have the chance to put your name in there 3 times!

1. If you are a follow, let me know!
2. Tell me how you stay fit and fabulous
3. Visit Dulcitas and let me know which coaster set is your favorite.

I'll have the giveaway open until Friday at 7 (central time).  Good luck!


  1. 1. I am a follower!
    2. I stay fit and "walking" (aka, nearly a sprint" our hyper dog ;-)
    3. Oh, tough one, my favorite is...the turquoise and black coasters!

  2. 1. I just became a follower :)
    2. I stay fit and fab by going to the gym at least twice a week--sometimes more and sometimes less (oops).
    3. My fav coaters are the turquoise and black ones although they are all very, very pretty.

  3. 1. YES YES YES YES YYYYYEEESSSS I am a follower!!
    2. I stay fit and fab by going to my nearest thrifties then running around inside trying to find a good deal and walking my cock-a-poo named Darla!!
    3.My fave fave fave coasters are the light blue/turqouise with the golden flowers on them... they are to die for and gorgeous!!

  4. 1. I am a follower! ;)
    2. I TRY to go to the gym at least three times a week, but it usually ends up being two!
    3. My favorite coasters are the black and turquoise ones. So unique!


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