Teacup Project Numero Dos!

First, I made chalkboard teacup that looked like this:

Then, I decided to make paint some other teacups and use them as hooks for my aprons.  Using nails as hooks at lost it's charm a long time ago!  Here is my teacup apron hook/holder thingie...what should I call this?

By the way, I LOVE aprons!

This project was simple!
1. Prime the cups!  Also, if you could find teacups that have a fun design, that would work too!
2. Paint the cups (I painted them with some left-over paint I had from the sign I painted).
3. Find a board/cabinet/etc that you would like to attach them to.  I found the one I used at the Restore for 60 cents!
4. Attach a sawtooth hanger to the back of the board (or whatever you will use to attach it).  Believe me, this will be a lot easier to do before adding the teacups.
5. Using a thin layer of epoxy, glue cups to the board.  Give them a good 24 hours to dry.  Although the glue is super strong, I still wouldn't use the cups to hold too much weight.

Here's a little tip about epoxy glue that my materiel savvy husband taught me: use a thin layer of epoxy versus a thicker layer.  Why?  Epoxy glue is wonderful at sticking to materials, but it doesn't stick to itself well.  That's why it can get sticky and clumpy if you use too much!  I use a q-tip to mix it together and slather it on.  It works wonderfully!

Happy Friday!

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  1. what a creative idea! I love this! I'm hitting up some thrift stores tomorrow looking for cups:) thanx for sharing:)

  2. what type of epoxy did you use?
    Love this idea!!

  3. This has got to be one of the cutest things ever!

  4. This is so adorable! I think I know just the person that would love this!

  5. That is the cutest idea ever! I love it and this is going on my list of future projects I would like to do!

  6. I am absolutely in love with your project!How great are the tea cups as hooks?!? I found you through Tatertots and Jello's wrap up and featured your project on my blog today!

    Would love for you to check it out!




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