The List

I've been scheming up some ideas/resolutions/goals for this coming year and I'm excited to let you in one some of them.  They've been zipping around in my noggin' and it's time to write them down.  Are you like me and feel much better about life after a list has been made?  I love lists!

This blog has lead to begin so many things!  I would never have expected to enjoy painting furniture and find myself with a little Etsy shop!  I love thinking of creative ways to restore furniture and give it some extra jazz or do little projects that save money and make our home more "us." I'm also finding that I have a little business woman lurking inside of me--who knew?  I'm anxious to see what 2011 will bring!

As for the list, here we go:

1. Enjoy blogging.  I currently love it and want to continue to enjoy it! If I start seeing it as a task, then I want to step back and evaluate.

2. Encourage others.  I think that this blog is such an avenue to encourage others!  I have already "met" lots of sweet people and hope to meet more.  I also hope to encourage others to try new projects, be creative, and do what they love!  Try painting that dresser you picked up at the thrift store!  Sew! Write! Make things! Use your iron! Etc...

3. Blog intentionally.  I've sorta been all over the place--not that I think that this is always bad thing! Often, I'm stuck trying to think of projects or find something to write about that someone would find interesting.  So...........I'm going to start something a little new over here at Home for Hire.
--Each month, I will have a little theme.  There are many projects that I've been itching to do around here, so these themes will hopefully help get me into gear!  The power of accountability! I'm not going to only post about the theme, but I probably will have at least one post a week about it.
--At the end of each month, I will have a link party and it will be theme-related.  For example, if we've been chatting about accessorizing all month, than you can link up projects that are related to accessories.
--Each month there will be a giveaway.  I will host the first month's giveaway, but I hope to have other people host giveaways too.  So, if you've got an Etsy store or business and you want to host a giveaway, send me an e-mail!  I've appreciated the people who have supported me and my little store, so I want to do the same!

4. Live simply (and frugally!) and give generously.

Four things.  I think each one of these goals is attainable and doable!  And I'm excited to see how each one comes to fruition.

I'll introduce January's theme tomorrow!


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