January Junk Purge: If You Can't Bear to Throw it, Repurpose it!

A while back, I studied abroad in Guatemala and I truly fell in love with the country.  How could you not when it looks like this?

Not only is the country beautiful, but the people truly are too!  I hope to return someday soon...

Anyhoo, while I lived there, I picked up this purse:

I used the purse for a while, but then (like a lot of things), it got stuffed into a scary corner of the closet.  While "purging," I stared at it and realized that I was probably not ever going to use this as a purse again.  Yet, I couldn't throw it away--it had meaning!  Then, I decided that I would repurpose it into a little pillow.  I had intended to make it larger, but the fabric split easily and kept tearing.  In the end, I made it small, stuffed it with some filling and dryer sheets, and stuck it in my drawer.  Now, it has a new purpose (a drawer freshener!), it's not stuffed into a random storage place, and it still has meaning!

Here's the final result:

A rosette for good measure!

While doing this, I thought that there must be lots of wonderful ways that you can repurpose items that have meaning (or you just can't bear to throw away) and enjoy them in a new way!

Here's some other ideas!


A musty sweater to a delightful pillow! 

Rhinestone and Enamel Magnet - Repurposed Brooch

Make a sad jewelry box resident into a lovely magnet!

Vintage Floral Heirloom Handkerchief Banner Red and aqua

Isn't this one fun?  Use old handkerchiefs to make a banner!

Can you guys think of any?  I'd love to hear your ideas too!

Have a lovely evening :)


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