I Thought I'd bring in the New Year with a Pretty Spectacular Before and After!

Like the average person, I've got some goals for the new year tucked up my sleeve (especially ones regarding this blog and my little business), but I thought I'd start the year with a before and after.  Who doesn't love a before and after?

After years in their home (about 15 now), my parents finally gave their kitchen a makeover.  Believe me, this kitchen needed more than botox and a tummy tuck!

Here's the before:

Do you notice the blonde (um, can we say seventies?) cabinets, the wallpaper (which was totally IN during the nineties) and the lovely checkered floor?  Believe it or not, but when we first moved in, there were yellow counter tops, a red sink, and darling wallpaper with little fruit baskets. 

Here's their kitchen now:

Can you say AMAZING! They splurged and got custom cabinets made, ripped out the center wall (which made the entire house more open), and created a huge center island that is so functional (I definitely enjoyed putting it to good use!).  The counter tops.  Granite? Nope!  They are a laminate that was created by a taking a picture of granite and imposing it on.  What a great idea!

Although it is a little strange to come back to a "foreign" kitchen, I think that my parents did a spectacular job at designing such a contemporary, functional, and beautiful kitchen!  
Don't you think so?

I'll be back tomorrow to let you in one some of those goals!  I'm pretty pumped about them!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a kitchen make-over. That looks fantastic, how wonderful it must feel cooking in that kitchen.

  2. Im very jealous!:) They have a beautiful space now. Dont you just love a good before and after?

  3. You are right Nicole...That is one heck of a makeover. I am beyond jealous...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...

    Take care,

  4. oh my Nicole! Their kitchen is absolutely beautiful! I barely recognize it! They did a fabulous job!


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