Why not make a doggie duvet that is full of Christmas cheer?

Mac's pillow/bed is a constant eyesore around the house.  To alleviate that, I decided that making it "Christmasy" would help transform it from eyesore to something a bit more fun and festive.

I didn't write a tutorial about how to make a Christmas doggie duvet.  Frankly, no one should imitate my sewing skills!

But, here's what you need:

1. A dog or a cat
2. A sewing machine that you know how to thread (even if it does take you an hour to figure it out)
3. Fabric
4. A pillow (I found Mac's extra big pillow at Goodwill for 5 bucks)
5. A dog or cat that likes to sleep on their pillow
6. Sewing skills

Okay.  That wasn't a real list!  I basically made an extra big pillow cover so that it's easy to wash.  I know that there are some awesome tutorials out there!

So, here's Mac on his new digs:

Now, I've got a lot of other projects under way.  I've got a dresser and nightstand that I've been dying to show you guys!  Also, I've got something up my sleeve with these guys:

I bet some of you are thinking, "I think Nicole needs to take some time off from her projects and get that noodle out of the sink"

Anyway, stay tuned!

Happy Sunday :)

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