It's beginning to look like Christmas...

I don't have a mantle.  We have no tree...yet.  I've yet to buy a Christmas scented candle.  There is no snow.  But!  I still think it's still beginning to look a bit like Christmas here at the Jennings' household.  Here are some snapshots:

I found this little beauty at the thrift store and paid .25 cents for it!  Not only is it Spanish (which I adore!), but I love it's vintage details.  Spanish + Letters + Vintage + Christmas = Love!

These little guys were a purchase my mother-in-law made for us for our first Christmas.  They are just too cute!

The centerpiece that was on the coffee table but now is on the kitchen table.  Why?  Because I have a puppy who is obsessed with stealing pine cones.

A little jingle and mistletoe

 Someone gave us this wreath last year, but I added some fun details to spruce it up a bit.  The picture is a bit blurry...sorry!

Don't look to hard at my half-done entry table.  Just look at the mirror.  I bought this for 5 bucks at Goodwill.  I had planned on painting it white, but when I hung it up to see how I liked the dimensions, I discovered that I liked the gold.  At least, I think it goes with the more rustic Christmas theme going on!

oops, looks like I missed a few spots when I cleaned it up.  

So, the question is...paint or not to paint?  


  1. I do love the detail on the mirror! I think the gold is working, but if you decide to paint it, maybe glaze it after wards to make the detail continue to stand out. Love your blog!

  2. Love your tin! What a bargain. Do you have a good thrift store to go to round here? I have been really disappointed with the ones I've seen.

  3. Astrid, I always go to the Twin City Second Chance thrift store (on Wellborn). Sometimes it takes a bit of sorting, but they have great prices! I usually go for decor/furniture, so I'm not sure about the clothing.


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