$2.27? Yes Please!

On Friday night, this is what our corner looked like:

Empty except for the few dust balls that are keeping the corner company.  We decided not to buy a tree this year because we didn't want to spend the money on a tree that we would enjoy for just a week (we were a little behind this year!).  


Josh called me from work (he works at Lowe's) and told me that the trees were 5 bucks.  No kidding!  So, he picked one out and by the time his employee rebate came through, it was $2.27. You read correctly!  And this is no Charlie Brown Christmas tree...

Here's the corner now:

I really don't have many ornaments and the tree looks a little sparse (well, really sparse!).  Someday I'll manage to get my act together and do something fancy!  We only get to enjoy the tree for a few days, but it definitely feels a little more like Christmas in Texas tonight. 


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