2010...I Remember When...

This year has been full of so many wonderful things!  
1. Josh transferred to Texas A&M (whoop!) and we moved here almost exactly a year ago.  
2. I was offered a job at a Writing Center at a local community college (so forgive me if my posts are not always grammatically correct--I'm usually "grammared" out by the end of the day!)
3. We had birthdays...good thing!
4. We picked up our little rascal (Macintosh) in April and life has never been the same since
5. I decided to paint a dresser.  It looked purple.  I decided to repaint it.  That process led to me to seek the knowledge of bloggers.  That project spurred me on to start my own blog.
6. I began to get a little furniture happy/bit by the I-need-to-paint-furniture bug and painted a lot of furniture!
7. I thought, heck, I'm already knee-deep in paint, poly, and glue, why not open an Etsy store!  So, I did. 
8. We celebrated 2 years of marriage.
9. Little Dulcita (my first car) died in the parking lot and when to car heaven.  I continued to realize how much the Lord blesses us in so many unexpected ways.  Such as, sharing a car = spending time with Josh.  Seriously, if we still had two cars, I don't think I would've seen him for more than 10 minutes a day!  
10. So, so much more...

Those are the events, but here are some snapshots of my favorites from this year:

That's me, stuck in the moving truck!

U-Haul empty= Boxes needing to be unpacked and sore muscles!

Firing up the grill--Come summertime, I need to share that recipe for grilled portabellas!

Bringing Mac home!

One of my favorites--nothing like a free desk and a coat of paint!

Making our headboard! 

Using the orbital sander for the first time--can I say love at first spin!?

This dresser went from hideous to delicious!

Enjoying the gulf for our anniversary!

Opening up an Etsy store!

This is one of my favorite, non-paint related projects of the year!

A recent family picture. Sorta.  It kinda sums it up for me!


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