I'm Thankful For...

Mr. Macintosh.  He's the apple of my eye...okay, I know that was cheesy!  It's amazing how a dog can change your life so quickly! There are definitely moments when I think, "What were we thinking?!"--like after he had run around the house with a paint brush that I accidentally left unattended and left evidence of his romping all over the floor or perhaps the time when he grabbed the used coffee filter out of the garbage (before the child locks had been installed) and evidence of this was all over the floor!  That dog can get into trouble in about 3 seconds...or whenever you are taking a shower!
But, I love the goofball and I'm very thankful for him.  I love coming home on days that I'm tired and worn out and seeing his little tail wiggle away, or when he tromps around and follows me all around the house, or just when he just rolls over on his back for a good ole' tummy rub!

Here's our little Aussie:

Just a little one!

The awkward teenage hair stage 

Just happy :)

I think he may love paintbrushes as much as I do!

Having a hay day!


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