From Here until Etsy...

Well, folks, I opened an Etsy store.  I definitely didn't see myself as an Etsy store owner a few months ago. How life changes!  It all started with that "purple" dresser...

I realized, as I was hauling stuff home from thrift stores, that I didn't have a place to put all the things I was having fun making.  I am selling the furniture on Craigslist, but I needed an outlet for all the smaller things. I thought, " about Etsy?"  I thought about what I would call my little store and named it after my car that recently went to car heaven.  I named it Dulcitas (which may perhaps mean "little sweets" in Spanish! least I hope it does!).  My tag is: Little Sweets for the Home.
I've been working for the last few months or so, picking up things here and there, and thinking about my plan.  I hardly do anything without a plan!  I realized that, small as it may be, I needed to spend wisely and think about what my goals are.  I've been keeping a careful record of my expenses to make sure that I keep on track (i.e. not go overboard and spend, spend, spend!).  I don't think that I'm a savvy business woman yet, but I am noticing that I've been enjoying the business part of it.  Who knew!

I'm not sure what this little store will hold.  I'm not expecting it to explode overnight and become a whopping success.  My hope is that it gives me something to do while Josh is busy with school and work and also help our little family survive these next few years while Josh is finishing school.

Here are a few of my favorites that are now listed on Etsy:

You can go to Etsy and check out some more on Dulcitas if you'd like.  I think my favorite thing I've got in the store are the hand-stamped Christmas coasters.  I made a "test" set for myself!  I'd love to know what you think!


  1. Congratulations!! It´s a big step!! I´m sure everything will go the way you planned it. Un beso!

  2. OOH....yummy! I love it all so far! Way to go, girl. I have pride.


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