One of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know the ones.  I just had one.

It all began with little Miss Dulcita deciding to be stubborn and not be her sweet self.  She decided not to start.  I stomped back instead and my sweet husband took me to work.

Then, after work, I checked my phone to see if Josh had let me know of his plans for picking me up.  Lo and Behold!  My phone was dead.  I called him from the work phone, but of course, he didn't answer.  His phone has currently lost its voice and only barely vibrates.  So, I left a message and hoped he called.  We eventually got a hold of each other and he came and rescued me.

I babysit on some afternoons and needed the car to haul the kids around.  I had to bring the youngest over to our house for a bit so the AAA man could come and check out my car.  While here for a ten minute stay, Mac managed to scratch her up and chase her around the house.  He was promptly put in the kennel and proceeded to bark loudly enough to make it practically impossible to communicate.  My little companion told me that I needed to teach my dog to be quiet and give it treats.  She also managed to get chocolate cake all over my kitchen seat cover.  Well, I should have known better than to give her chocolate cake!

Next, we haul Josh off to school.  I pick up the other kids, make pizza, help with homework, and break up a fight in the backseat.  Who knew that x-box controllers could be so exciting (or dangerous)!

I then bring one of my pieces that I just finished (a post soon to come!) to a sweet college student and then went back to the university to wait for Josh to finish class.

I waited, waited, and waited...I had texted him--where in the world was Mr. Josh Jennings (remember those Carmen San Diego days!)

I thought...robbers, thieves, runaway cars, something had happened.  After I had sat for 45 minutes thinking that something awful had happened, he finally answered my call.  We had miscommunicated and he thought that he was just supposed to call when he finished up at school.  Oooops...

You know what?  Although my day was a little (just a little) more hectic and crazy than usual, it was a good day.  While I was sitting and thinking about what kind of people had tied up my husband (yes, I've got quite the imagination!), I spotted a rainbow.  And I was reminded that I serve a God who has so many promises for me.  One of which is that he takes care of me.  I definitely do not need to be afraid that gangsters took my husband in front of the university library!

That moment.  That rainbow-in-the-sky-and-fearing-for-my-husband's-life moment was the best moment of the day.  The moment I realized how silly I am for thinking these things and how wonderful are the promises of God.

It was one of those days.  But, it was a good day.


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