Fall Favorite #4: A New Wreath on the Door

As I've seen loads of fall wreath ideas floating around in blogland, I decided it was time to make my own.  Forgive my lack of "the process" of making the wreath, but I was experimenting--plus, I had hot glue on my fingers and burlap lint was filling the air!

Here's one shot I captured while in process:

Here's the final product:

It was very simple to make. Here's the basic how-to: 

  • Cut burlap into 3-4 inch wide strips and wrap around a wreath frame, hot gluing as you go around
  • Make little rosettes by cutting fabric into thin strips, gluing one end down (which becomes the center) and twisting it around and around, gluing as you go.  I used felt which was both cheap and easy!
  • Add fall details, like little acorns!
I also linked up at Tatortots and Jello for the weekend wrap-up party! 


  1. Your wreath is cute. I like the little flowers. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yep, I'm totally gonna attempt this. Thanks for the how-to!


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