#3: Candlelight Glee

Another fall favorite is the reintroduction to candles in our home.  Although they are lit at various times in the summer, the desire for lighting a candle is next to nothing when it is 100 plus degrees outside.  So when even the smallest hint of coolness comes along, it makes me run for the matches.  There's nothing like the smell of a newly lit candle and a blown-out match.  Of course, the newest addition to my candle family is Pumpkin Pie Spice.  Ooooh, and I love it!

On a non-fall note, I have some furniture and other various projects that are coming soon.  If only this weather would cool down so that I could bring out the spray paint magic and finish them up!  


  1. Soon you'll be in Minnesota for an October blush of cool breeze (or freezing), bright leaves, and yummy cocoa with your best friend (right? Or coffee???) and her snuggly baby girl. Get your sweaters ready!


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