A Minnesota Vacation

I've just gotten home from a visit to my home state of MN (hence the lack of posting!).  It was so refreshing to be able to spend a week plus with family and friends and also enjoy a break of the 100 plus weather we are experiencing in Texas.

Celebrating the soon-to-be arrival of my best friend's baby girl
Giggling like a school girl when I learned a wonderful friend is sporting a diamond engagement ring
Eating REAL corn on the cob
Drinking coffee
Catching up with family and friends
Spray painting furniture for the first time (although, I have to admit that I prefer painting by hand)
Eating burgers off the grill
Soaking in some sun

And so much more!

Unfortunately, I wasn't very diligent in remembering to snap photos.  I did manage to snap two, though, that are always tell-tale signs of Minnesota--Caribou Coffee and Pop!!

I wasn't home for more than 12 hours before I was testing out an "oops" paint that Josh had picked up for me at Lowes.  I thought it might be fun for the bedroom but it didn't make the cut. So, the little test area is now neatly covered by the headboard!  But, I got to use my handy sander for the first time and it was so fun!  Highly recommended!



  1. Ha! I love reading your posts. And I can't wait to see what comes out of your creativity next! Thank you again, for a lovely time in MN with me. I loved the surprise baby shower (ooh, need to write thank you's!)!!

    I love you, friend!


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