Meet Dulcita...and Mr. Orange-You-Glad-I'm-Getting-a-Makeover

 No truck for me.  Just my little VW Golf.  Meet Dulcita:

There she is in all her glory!  Although she's little, she can definitely fit a lot of stuff in her.  She's been a blessing when we've gone on trips and picked up miscellaneous pieces of furniture.  With a rope and a will, she's a pretty handy little car.

Here's what she picked up yesterday:
No wonder it was free.  The previous owner told me that she didn't feel like sanding.  This was the result.  This dresser needs therapy!  I feel that I can take some liberties with this almost five feet "beauty" since it's not the most heavy-duty or high-quality dresser.  Plus, anything would be an improvement! 
Although I have some ideas, I'd love to have some input!


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