We are renters.
I've been scheming (more like dreaming) about buying a house lately.  I am constantly scanning the local real estate listings for a starter home.  I think about what I'd re-do in the kitchen, or how I would yank out the ugly tiles, or what colors I would paint the dining room.
The reality is: we are not at a good place to buy a house right now.  First of all, we are only planning on living in the area for a few years while my husband finishes up his degree.  Secondly, we could pay a mortgage but there would be no room in the budget for upgrading.  And I don't want to be stuck cooking in an 1980's kitchen for 3 years!
I've been a little frustrated with little reality of mine lately--especially as I see others buy houses around me and make them their own.  Yet, I realize, this is the best option for us.  Renting is most definitely the wisest option.
I've been focusing on being content where we live now--in a four-plex on the corner.  I am thankful for the yard we have, the "large kitchen," the nice floors, and our little deck.  You know what, the more thankful (and content) I become about where we live, the more I enjoy being here.  Instead of scheming and dreaming about re-vamping that rambler on 29th street, I'm working towards creating the best space I can with what we have.  Today, I moved furniture around and realized how much space our place has with just a little re-arranging.  I found myself dreaming about little ideas for our home, not the one I'm wanting to buy, and I realized how much I enjoy it.  Maybe I can't paint the cabinets, but I can still do a lot of other fun things!  I may not own my home, but I can do everything (according to what is legally acceptable!) to make it ours.

Happy 4th!


  1. Thanks for the contentment reminder! As I was reading this, I thought you sounded like a Believer. So, I glanced at your About Me and realized you ARE! God has been pushing and pulling me in this area lately and this post was just another reminder. Thanks and good to know another Blogger Believer :)


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