Meet Uffda

Free.  I love free.  Yet, when Josh and I arrived to pick up the free desk, I became a little nervous.  Uffda...this might be more work than I anticipated.  

Still.  I was determined.  I saw potential under layers of its paneling and ugly brown paint.
Here's Uffda before:

You can't see the drawers well, but, boy were they ugly!

What I thought was just a chip that could be sanded down, ended up being layers of thin wood covering.  My husband and I spent lots of time with the hammer and screw driver.  This was not a fun job!

This was one of those "why am I doing this?" moments!  Eventually, we got down to the bare wood.  I scraped off all the glue I could and used stripper to strip the varnish around the sides to prepare it to be stained.

After hours of painting, stripping, filling in gaps and the old screw holes, yanking off old paneling, staining, and layering on poly...along with painting and recovering a chair that I also found for is Uffda now:






I bought the drawer knockers on Etsy.  Although I thought about distressing the desk, I felt the lines were more modern and I wanted a clean look.  But, I wanted to add some vintage elements like the pulls to reflect its old age.  Even though I really am in love with my dear friend Uffda, it's for sale.  Right now, there's no place for it in our home.    

Uffda is painted Valspar's Blue Arrow in flat enamel.  

What do you think?


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  1. Amazing, Nicole! Simply amazing! I'm extremely impressed :)

  2. Wow!!! I am so impressed! It looks a bizillion times better. Those pulls totally make it. I've never even thought of shopping for pulls on Etsy. I'm going to have to go and check it out!

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  4. I bought the pulls from:

    They have a great variety, prices, and were shipped in no time!

  5. Wow, Nichole! That is a FABULOUS makeover! LOVE those drawer pulls - thanks so much for the link! And the two-tone is amazing! You did such a great job! :)

  6. What a great makeover. I have a desk in a similar state that I have been procrastinating have inspired me. I love the two tone look. The name is priceless, my Grandma is pure Norwegian so I grew up hearing uffda a lot :)

  7. It came out absolutely beautiful! The hard work was definitely worth it.

  8. Great job. Worth the work I think.

  9. WOW. you resurrected that thing from death! impressive :)

  10. OMGosh. I seriously madeover a desk in almost exactly the same style as this. You have to check it out and let me know what you think (search the furniture rehab section in my blog).
    This is just adorable. I love the rustic looking top. I can't believe you got this for free. Mine cost $40 but hey, I'm not complaining :-)
    The Painted Hive

  11. Nicole, this is beautiful! You did such a wonderful job...after doing jobs like this, I KNOW how much work went into it! The finish is beautiful! Thanks so much for linking up to style feature saturday...feel free to grab a button to add to your post if you'd like! -shaunna :)

  12. I think I would like to have a before and after done like that on me. You did wonderful!!!!!!!

  13. Came over here from Perfectly Imperfect.

    Beautiful desk! I love that it was free! I love the door pulls and the paint and stain that you used.

    The thin veneer wood can either come off easily, or it is a pain in the behind! I am working with a 1920's dresser with a thin veneer. I am using a heat gun and a putty knife to remove the hyde glue underneath and the veneer is coming off VERY easily.

  14. That turned out really cute!!

    :) Bren

  15. what a transformation! You did an awesome job!

  16. Uffda is gorgeous! I love the color with the stained top. Just perfect!

  17. You've done a wonderful job with it!

  18. wow! I would never of thought you could bring that one back from the dead! BEAUTIFUL!


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