Coffee Table: A love story

I was not in love with my coffee table.  I liked it when we bought it, but it fit our first apartment much better than where we currently live.  To me, it was too bulky and tall!

Coffee Table #1

Especially after I put Miss Skinny Legs in the room, poor Mr. Coffee Table just didn't fit.  
After drooling over some diy ottomans, I decided that I wanted to make one too.  But!  I was visiting a used furniture store one day and I spotted this beat up, rustic, and oooohh so lovely coffee table.  It was love at first sight.  Yet, I didn't buy it.  They wanted $40.  I didn't want to pay that much for it (tight budget and plus it needed some TLC).  I went home and told Josh all about it, moping about how much I wanted it.  Josh (probably sick of hearing about that darn coffee table) told me to go and get it.  I ran out the door (really, I had to be at work about 35 minutes later), asked the owner for a deal, paid 30 bucks, shoved it my car, and zoomed into work.  Ah.  I love it.  I gaze at it.  I just knew it belonged with us.  Here it is:

Of course, Mac had to sneak in for a picture!

It even opens up and has wonderful storage!  

I just adore it!


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