Miss Skinny Legs

Miss Skinny Legs was a 5 dollar find and I just fell in love with her little legs!
But! She was a stubborn piece of furniture (or I was perhaps impatient!).
She started out pretty simple, a wooden side table with scuffs and scratches. I do have some before shots that I will add when I have my computer back in order!
She then got primed and painted all white. After two coats, I started to notice that the scratches were showing through the paint on the top of the table. I was not too thrilled about this so I tried to use a little wood filler to fix the scratches and prime and paint over that. And, of course, that just made things worse. Ahhhh!
I took a moment and remembered that this is a learning process! I went out, bought some paint stripper, and when to work.
Scraping, Scraping, Scraping...
Sanding, Sanding, Sanding...
I then filled in the scratches. Although they didn't all go away since I couldn't get too deep into the wood with simply sanding by hand and not using a fancy electric hand sander, I was happy with the results. She looks a little rustic!
I didn't want to go through all the painting again so I decided to try my hand at staining. I had bought a can for accenting the distressing so I just used that. It turns out I like to stain! Although the before staining process was a lot more laborious than painting, it was actually fast and easy!
Here she is before and during her make-over:

Here's the final result, in her new spot in the living room:

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  1. Very pretty and classy looking redo! And a steal at $5!!! Way to go! I just completed a makeover on a little chair with fabulous legs as well...

    Have a great 4th of July!



  2. Rustic or not...this turned out to be quite a good looking piece!!!

  3. Beautiful! i must be the only one who doesn't like stain.

  4. LOVE it!Great detail. Found you through Miss Mustard Seed's link up.


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