Extra Fabric+ A little time on my hands= Flowers!

I didn't have pillow shams for my bed. So, I decided that I wanted to make some myself. Unfortunately, the pillow sham budget was pretty desperate and I thought that it might be a while before I could buy the fabric I needed to make them. Well, then the thrift store enters the story. How I love this thrift store! No A/C, lot and lots of stuff, and nothing with a price tag. I just bring it to the counter and hope that it's a price I like (which it usually is!). I had spied some gray fabric there, just the shade I was looking for, but decide against buying it. Well, long story short, I went back the next day and I snatched it for 1.50. I think it was about 4 yards of decorator fabric. What a steal!
I sewed up my shams (more like baggy pillowcases because I'm not a gifted seamstress!) and put them on the bed. Although an improvement, they still were a little boring:

I had some extra fabric from my pillow project and doing some curtain hemming. I had seen some fabric flowers and thought I'd try my hand at making them. After glancing over a few tutorials, I decided to wing it. Here's what I did:

Traced a circle so that I could get an approximate size

I then cut a strip of fabric (about 1.5 inches wide) and started from the outside in, twisting the fabric as I went along. I then hot glued it down periodically. I also did a few starting from the center--both ways worked fine.

I then used pins to figure out where I would place them on the pillow and opted for the bottom corners. I used safety pins to secure them to the pillow. I was going to sew them on, but since I'm not sure how they will wash, I opted for the safe option. Plus, if I get sick of them, I can just take them off. No hassle. Here's the finished project:


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