We share a wall.
One of the joys of apartment living is sharing walls.  One morning, Josh asked me if I heard our neighbors last night.  I replied, "Nope." He then smirked and told me about the squeaking and such--by the way, we share a bedroom wall.  We've since learned that this couple enjoys "bedtime" at any hour of the day and without any concern of shared walls and listening ears.  Our shared wall neighbors also fight. At three in the morning. At six in the morning. At ten at night.  At really any time.  Usually, we simply hear our woman neighbor belittling her partner/spouse?..."Don't you have ears, Robert!?, "DO..YOU...UNDERSTAND...WHAT...I...AM...SAYING!", and so on and so forth.  I've never heard poor Robert peep up more than five times.  And when he does, he simply receives more verbal punches and insults.  She never backs down.  She never shows respect.  We've had many nights of hearing our shared wall neighbors fight.  Sometimes we giggle at the absurdity of the couple's arguments, mostly we root for poor Robert (mainly hoping he starts wearing some pants), and one time I tapped the wall and suddenly the volume dropped ten notches.  Usually somewhere in the middle of eavesdropping on them, we snuggle in close and smile at each other.  We thank God for giving us love and grace towards each other. Josh thanks me for not being like that woman.  I thank him for wearing pants.  I usually say a prayer for them before their arguing lulls me back to sleep.  I simply wish they knew that loving each other is a whole lot more than squeaky "bedtimes" and meeting all demands.  Love is patient. Love is kind.  Love is what God has given us.  So even though our neighbors fight and keep us up, I think it's the Lord's way of saying, "Josh and Nicole...aren't you so thankful that I have shown you love so that you are capable of loving each other in such a deep and beautiful way?" And I reply, "Yes, I am."   


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